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Moonrise Kingdom Inspired Wedding Invitations

I finally recently watched “Moonrise Kingdom” and found it to be a very charming and enchanting movie. The soundtrack and the art direction was really unique. Coincidentally, a pinner recently shared with me his wedding invitations that were inspired by the movie and I instantly fell in love. I then discovered that his wife Emily, of the blog Me and My Polar Bear designed them. Eeek the details are amazing and oh, they are letterpressed. Double win.

“When we first started imagining what our wedding might look like, we had a bit of a woodland theme in mind. This may or may not be connected to our mild obsession with foxes and bears. We had even started looking into buying scout badges and other similar memorabilia. Then we went and watched Moonrise Kingdom and a true theme was born.”

moonrise kingdom wedding invitation

Moonrise Kingdom Wedding Invite

Wedding Menu

This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the stationery set. These unique escort cards mimic the old school vintage animal learning flash cards down to the font choice. I have something pretty similar that I am using with my two year old son! Love it.

Unique wedding escort cards

Unique guestbook idea as a registration card.

unique wedding guestbook polaroids

Check out more photos at her blog!

Geometric Ombre Wedding Invitation

Last weekend, my little brother got married and it was such a fun celebration for us on many levels. His wife asked me to help with the invitations and she herself already hand in her mind a grand idea. The main part of this invitation was this kind of geometric shape artwork that she HAND drew. It was amazing. Not surprising that she has a keen eye in design since she was a fellow art major except that she studied Interior Architecture & Design and The Academy of Art. I simply digitized it with some gradient and laid out the text for her. The envelopes featured sheep because of the book they both read and apparently initiated the relationship: A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami.


Geometric Ombre Wedding Invitation

Geometric Ombre Wedding Invitation


Okay, so now check out these amazing yarn knitted escort cards. I love the integration of this to the invite. It is such a unique escort card. Her maid of honor lovingly made all 250.

yarn escort cards

unique yarn escort cards

The reception was held outdoors at the beautiful Los Altos History Museum.

Los Altos History Museum Wedding Venue

These unique DIY centerpieces were also one of my favorite little elements from the wedding. She created the geometric shapes similar to what she drew in the invitation with little coffee sipper straws. I’m going to have to ask her for a tutorial on those.

diy straw wedding centerpieces
diy straw wedding centerpieces

My little boy got to be the ring bearer.


What wedding isn’t complete without the bride and groom smashing pinatas of themselves?



The following photos are teasers from Studio MSV


Studio MSV Wedding Photo

Our family of three, soon to be four!
Raptor photobomb! I smell a Christmas card design.


New Wedding Invitations in the Shop!

Hi everyone! It’s been busy so thanks to you who all check back 🙂 Lisa has been really busy attending pastry school in San Francisco and working on fun recipes over at JolieJolie Fooderie’s blog. The perks of her commute for me are that she is near all the amazing food. She recently brought by an amazing  B. Patisserie which has AMAZING kogin amann (flaky croissant like buttery-sugary goodness.) It is probably one of the best ones I’ve had since I was in France a few years ago.

I (Rachel), on the other hand have been busy working on a few stationery and invitation projects. I just added and will be continually adding more wedding invitations, party invitations and save the dates to the shop!

Check out some of the latest additions.

You may have seen the foiled version of this invite, now I’m offering it as a more budget-friendly flat printed version.

Ski Themed Wedding Invitation

Wow, loving this gorgeous ski lodge themed wedding invitation by Atelier Isabey. A lovely combination of letterpress and gold ink.

images from Behance

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