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Moonrise Kingdom Inspired Wedding Invitations

I finally recently watched “Moonrise Kingdom” and found it to be a very charming and enchanting movie. The soundtrack and the art direction was really unique. Coincidentally, a pinner recently shared with me his wedding invitations that were inspired by the movie and I instantly fell in love. I then discovered that his wife Emily, of the blog Me and My Polar Bear designed them. Eeek the details are amazing and oh, they are letterpressed. Double win.

“When we first started imagining what our wedding might look like, we had a bit of a woodland theme in mind. This may or may not be connected to our mild obsession with foxes and bears. We had even started looking into buying scout badges and other similar memorabilia. Then we went and watched Moonrise Kingdom and a true theme was born.”

moonrise kingdom wedding invitation

Moonrise Kingdom Wedding Invite

Wedding Menu

This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the stationery set. These unique escort cards mimic the old school vintage animal learning flash cards down to the font choice. I have something pretty similar that I am using with my two year old son! Love it.

Unique wedding escort cards

Unique guestbook idea as a registration card.

unique wedding guestbook polaroids

Check out more photos at her blog!

Elegant Purple and Gray Wedding

Excited to share with you (but extremely hard to photograph) a classic and elegant blind letterpress wedding invitation. The bride really wanted to incorporate the vintage feel of lace and burlap. In the design, we have blind letterpressed, which means pressed in with no ink, a lacy background into the paper. The beauty of blind letterpress is that it’s subtle but it can give off a really nice “wow factor”. Wrapped in a goccoed burlap belly band, these unique wedding invitations were definitely fun to work on.

Some detail shots of the blind letterpressing

The couple hired the extremely talented wedding photographer, Jose Villa to shoot their special day. Here are some of the details of the day shot by Jose including the couple’s full stationery set. The day took place at the beautiful Bently Reserve in San Francisco.

The wedding program were tucked into goccoed burlap bags.

I found about six of these old frames at a thrift store and paid $30 for them. The bride spray painted them gray to create a consistent and vintage look for the hang tag escort cards. The hang tags were to harp on the previous notion from their wooden hang tag save the dates.

One of my favorite things about this wedding was the gorgeous flowers done by Natalie Bowen. The centerpieces were set into beautiful wood boxes and the tables were identified with zinc letters.

The couple had hired a creme brulee cart as a post-party treat. Everyone received a little wooden spoon with a flag as a ticket informing them of the cart.

Silhouette Save the Dates

I recently designed these save the dates for a good friend. The couple liked the silhouette idea (the profile ones) but wanted to change it up to be more modern and less conventional than what was out there. So rather than a profile, I did them forward facing with their own specific trademarks. Christine always wears her hair in a side braid and Jack has these cool thick rimmed glasses. These elements make the couple identifiable while still simplifying the overall drawing. Christine is also a school teacher so we added the “Pencil Us In” idea as a nod to Teacher Christine. Hope you guys like it!

Unique cufflinks

My little brother is getting married in November and he’s a huge batman/comic book guy. I saw these batman cufflinks and thought they would be awesome (for his wedding or just for any formal occasion). This lead to other searches for unique and cool cufflinks. These were some of my faves.

Sterling silver Batman cufflinks from Fantasyyard Ninja Cufflinks from BeautySpot Bicycle cufflinks from BathtubJungle. I actually have a similar pair of earrings like these from Paris! Carved wood initials cufflinks from Frawn. Woodland raccoon wood cufflinks from Story.

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