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World Maps!

I’ve been looking for a world map to hang in my son’s room and came across some pretty cool ones.

Watercolor world map

Scratch off world map from Uncommon Goods

 Collage style illustrated world map

Minimalistic Children’s Story Posters

Love these simple designs of classic children’s stories. Designer Christian Jackson of Square Inch Design, who “…enjoys spending long hours staring at typefaces. I dream about kerning, leading and attractive counter spaces,” created these awesome posters. These were my faves. Check out the rest of the series!

Red Riding Minimalistic Hood Poster
Minimalistic Rapunbzel Poster
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Poster

Princess and the Pea

Infographic Poster for Baby’s First Year

I am glad I stumbled upon this while on coochicoos! This awesome Paloma Infographic poster is a great visual to show your baby’s first year. Being a first time mommy, I have fallen in love with this adorable poster and it may find it’s way in my home next year. This customizable 17×22 poster can be found at Kalon Studios.

Laura George Illustrations and Prints

This is what happens when you browse on Etsy. You find a shop you like and you want to buy it out. Check out the fun stuff happening at Laura George’s! Here are my faves:

Something about illustrated sumos fighting in the forest make me happy.

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