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Free 2013 Calendar Printable

I originally was planning to get these nicely printed and put them up in the shop but I thought, “hey, I’ve been blessed this year”, let’s hook some people up. So here folks, is a FREE 2013 printable French macaron calendar designed over here at JolieJolie Design. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s intended for an 8.5×11″ PDF. All I ask is that you not tamper, reproduce, resell the artwork. Thanks!!

Free 2013 Printable Calendar of French Macarons by JolieJolie Design


Pretty French Illustrations

Discovered this adorable French illustrations and posters on Etsy store, “Coco Draws”, illustrations by Caroline Wang. Love the french macaron one of Laduree. French macaron macaroons poster


ballet flats

Creative Macarons!

As you all know, Lisa and I loveeeee our French version of the macaron (macaroon) and Lisa can whip up a pretty delicious batch. I’ve been spotting some really awesome and creative ways people are making macarons–into different characters or shapes! Had to make myself a pretty little collage and share with you all. I also didn’t realize that Laduree did their own special Mickey mouse version. So awesome.  If you see more, please let us know!

1. Hello Kitty Macaron 2. Bee Macaron 3. Totoro Macaron 4. Hungry Little Caterpillar macaron 5. Turkey Macaron 6. Burger Macaron 7. Chinese New Year Lantern Macaron 8. Heart Macaron 9. Laduree Paris Mickey Macaron

My French Macaron Baking Experience!

I love macarons. I love the look, the taste…. everything about them! It only made sense to learn to make my own. I took a class at Sur La Table and it was a bit hectic with a class of 16, I still came away with so much knowledge and excitement to create my own! Here are some pictures from my class.

I was a part of the team that made the Green Tea Ones!

Look how BEAUTIFULLY they looked when they were done!

Some other ones that were baked were strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and coconut.

After class… I went home and I really wanted to see if I can make them by myself… and I DID IT! I made my own hazelnut Nutella macaron! I can’t wait to make other ones now that I got it basically down.

Here are some tips…
– Get a recipe that you want to try.
– Aging the eggs is not necessary but having them in room temperature is.
– DO NOT over beat your egg whites!
– Fold in your dry ingredients to your wet ingredients.
– You can not make these if you do not have a mixer or a food processor.
– Buy a scale to measure your portions.
– Patience… you can not rush this.
– Sifting your flour will take a LONG time but it will make your macarons pretty.
– Temperature is important. Lower heat is better.
I will create some of my own recipes soon and hopefully be able to share with you guys my trials and errors. Happy Monday!
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