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Pretty French Illustrations

Discovered this adorable French illustrations and posters on Etsy store, “Coco Draws”, illustrations by Caroline Wang. Love the french macaron one of Laduree. French macaron macaroons poster


ballet flats

Beautiful Illustration and Lettering

I’m always amazed at artists like Sasha Prod who can draw such beautiful art. Love the alphabet of greenery of plants and foliage. Prints available in her shop.

Kawaii Characters

Just discovered the wonderful illustrated world of Jerrod Maruyama who happens to be a located in the same neighborhood as joliejolie. He does these amazing kawaii characters for Disney and his own personal work as well. Generally in Japanese culture, kawaii refers to cuteness. You tend to see a lot of kawaii art done with big heads and small bodies. For some reason, this always makes a cartoon cuter. If you’ve been to Disneyland, I’m sure you will recognize some of his work. If you love “The Office”, you’ll love the mini Dwight Shrute. Check out more of his work and his online store. Kawaiinesssss to the max!

Laura George Illustrations and Prints

This is what happens when you browse on Etsy. You find a shop you like and you want to buy it out. Check out the fun stuff happening at Laura George’s! Here are my faves:

Something about illustrated sumos fighting in the forest make me happy.

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