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Gocco’d Coasters

Check out these amazing coasters!!! I have been inspired to take my Gocco out of it’s box…

Inspired in Buenos Aires

Discovered Morris Essex vintage style stationery which is all created and printed by Eliza Jane Curtis in the historic Palermo barrio of Buenos Aires. The work is a combination of linocut block-printing and silkscreen, using both traditional screenprinting techniques and the Gocco machine.

Eliza says her designs are inspired by her combination of her love of the city’s art deco architectural details and memories of childhood daydreams in the fields and forests of Maine to create motifs of geometry, nature and fantasy. Shop for more her work on her etsy.

Gocco Pennants

Some nice goccoing on pennants from s.treatzone’s flickr. Shop on her etsy shop for more gocco fun.

Flashback to the Eighties

Spoiler alert for Lisa!
Lisa’s bridal shower is this weekend and for her shower, we are all tying our pony tails to the sides, pulling out our neon pink leggings, dancing to the Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” and rockin’ out to the era of the Care Bears and Madonna.

Lisa’s bridal shower invitation was designed by one of our good design buddies, Sarah. Note the use the hot pink masking tape (that she found at Target) so carefully bound around the black envelope. We can also see Lisa’s lovely nose ring embellished by a small rhinestone. The montage itself is deeply reminiscent of our childhood favorite, the original Hannah Montana, JEM. Oh you know who I’m talking about!

What fun project isn’t complete without the use of our favorite medium, the gocco. I tried to gocco the hot pink onto the black napkin. At first, it was pretty bright, but when it dried up, it didn’t seem to have much staying power. Any suggestions out there on how to improve? I had also tried using the cloth ink. Same result.

And of course, what is the eighties without some righteous pins. My husband bought me a professional button machine two Christmases ago and it is definitely one of my favorite crafting tools. Using Sarah’s artwork, I’ve managed to plaster Lisa’s face on about 15 of these 1″ pins.

We are having an eighties costume contest, so I’m excited to see what all the ladies come up with. Anybody have a pair of leather hot pants I can borrow? 🙂

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