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Free Pride & Prejudice Valentine Printable

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we are all scrambling to find a unique Valentine’s Day card for that special someone or special someones! There are so many fun DIY valentine’s nowadays that I wanted to jump in and make one of my own featuring one of my favorite books and couple, Mr. Darcy and Ms. Elizabeth Bennett of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. I love their love-hate relationship and their love banter. I just had to do one of them and share it with you all!

Download the free valentine printable here! 2UP on a letter size paper at a 4Bar size.


pride and prejudice free valentine printable


Free Cupcakes from Sprinkles

Sprinkles cupcakes has been giving away free cupcakes if you follow them on twitter to find out a word of the day. I saw their tweet yesterday that said if you go in and say “sugarrush”, you will be handed a delicious red velvet cupcake. My friends went and picked up three!! Today, the first 25 who say “fresh” receive a free lemon cupcake. Enjoy!!

Freebie Download: French Guide

One of my besties is finally getting her chance to visit Paris! It was much easier for us when we were in Paris because we had three out of four people who had taken at least four years of French. For her group of traveling buddies, none of them know any French. I quickly threw together a sheet for her to take. Feel free to download and print your own, too. Enjoy!


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