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Moonrise Kingdom Inspired Wedding Invitations

I finally recently watched “Moonrise Kingdom” and found it to be a very charming and enchanting movie. The soundtrack and the art direction was really unique. Coincidentally, a pinner recently shared with me his wedding invitations that were inspired by the movie and I instantly fell in love. I then discovered that his wife Emily, of the blog Me and My Polar Bear designed them. Eeek the details are amazing and oh, they are letterpressed. Double win.

“When we first started imagining what our wedding might look like, we had a bit of a woodland theme in mind. This may or may not be connected to our mild obsession with foxes and bears. We had even started looking into buying scout badges and other similar memorabilia. Then we went and watched Moonrise Kingdom and a true theme was born.”

moonrise kingdom wedding invitation

Moonrise Kingdom Wedding Invite

Wedding Menu

This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the stationery set. These unique escort cards mimic the old school vintage animal learning flash cards down to the font choice. I have something pretty similar that I am using with my two year old son! Love it.

Unique wedding escort cards

Unique guestbook idea as a registration card.

unique wedding guestbook polaroids

Check out more photos at her blog!

Wedding on Wood

As an invitation into the fall season, check out this lovely wedding invitation and stationery all silk screened onto wood. It’s gives it a really nice and simple elegance. Found on Andrew Bessler’s flickr who I presume is the designer:)

Their one piece program

Wow! Even the escort cards are on wood.

Pinwheel Escort Cards

Project Wedding always has some fabulous and unique projects for weddings. I’m currently loving this pinwheel escort card. See the full tutorial here.

Lisa’s Wedding Sneak Peek #2!- The Wishing Garden

A lot of people have wishing trees for their weddings and this idea came out of a rejected escort card idea. Rather than hanging tags on a tree, we kept in line with the theme of the outdoors, garden, park, etc. and decided to try a Wishing Garden.

I goccoed artwork onto some larger popsicle sticks so it would represent plant identifiers you use for gardens. However, instead of flowers or veggies, we will be planting blessings for the couple. A galvanized trough will be out for the guests to “plant” the blessing into.

Check out my blessing for them. =)

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