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Decorating with Happy Tape

We love Happy Tape! I am always in awe of how people use this awesome crafting tape! Take a look at what you can do and be inspired!

Photos and DIY tips from How About Orange
Photos from Sky Blue Pink
photo from iDIY
Photo from Decor 8

Handmade Reversible Totebags

As a thank you for my friends for throwing me a shower, I decided to make reversible tote bags using pattern fabrics and natural muslin that I picked up at one of my favorite places to get my yarn and fabrics, Bobbin’s Nest. The bags came out great! I was really happy with them!

For the muslin side of the bag, I used Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive. It was very inexpensive and pretty easy to use.

Letterpress Drawer Converted

I had the craziest idea to look for an old letterpress drawer to hang up in my house and needed some inspiration. Look at some of the neat ideas I found.

I loved how this drawer was re-used as a desk drawer.

A JolieJolie Baby Shower

I had the honor of throwing my partner in crime a baby shower this past weekend. Being 21 weeks pregnant myself, I quickly realized that this would not be as easy as it possible could have been but I was really determined to throw a very sweet baby shower for Rachel. So I planned, dreamed and gathered an army to execute what came out to be such a lovely baby shower.

The kite inspired baby shower wouldn’t have been made possible if it weren’t for my army of slaves (you know who you all are) and Wendy of Dozi Designs for designing everything that involved paper!

Here are the photos of that fun day!

I was able to create this with some sheer white fabric, double satin ribbon and clouds made of batting. Fun cute swirly straws, old fashion pop and tons of desserts to finished the whole table off.

Here are the desserts that I made for the table:

Creme Brulee

Cinnamon sugar donuts

Cream puffs with vanilla custard
Raspberry macarons… of courrse
Here are the adorable things that Wendy made.
Cute little kites and a kite journal for favors:

Here is the close up of the journal.

Wendy also made an adorable game booklet which had word scramble, crossword puzzle and a game where you had to identify fonts!

I had a great time putting this together and we appreciate all of you for allowing us to be creative! 2011 will be an exciting year as we both expect little ones but you all will keep us doing what we love doing!!!

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