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Macarons… again

I got a box of Paulette’s Macarons from Rachel and wanted to take shots of them before I devoured them! I guess my love for macarons is equivalent to Rachel’s love for milk tea. I am taking a class on how to make these delicious treats this weekend! I am so excited!

Flavors Caramel, Sweet Wedding Almond and Sicilian Pistachio


With flavors like Guiness Chocolate, a chocolate cupcake flavoured with Guinness beer, filled with an Irish whiskey chocolate ganache and topped with cream cheese frosting and chocolate shavings, it’s no wonder the manly men flock to have them. These ManCakes are created at For the Love of Cake.

With Love from Paris..

Sneak peek of what Rachel will share about her trip…

Happy Easter from Bayeux, France

Well, after 15 hours of traveling, we finally made it to our first destination. We are spending our first night in Bayeux which is 15 minutes from Normandy. Fortunately for us, there is free wi-fi for some updates! We strolled down the street from our hotel and there were plenty of old buildings and the cutest French houses and cafes in the downtown area.

We didn’t eat here, but I liked the color of this pizzeria.

We actually ate across the street at Le Pommier where I dined on duck, cider and an incredible trilogy of creme brulee. Now you know anything that includes the word “trilogy” in it is bound for greatness. It included a regular creme brulee, a mocha creme brulee and a raspberry creme brulee. HEAVEN! Not too richy or creamy, very light and not too sweet. It was parfait!

More to come! disclaimer: 99.99999% of these France photos will be food-related 🙂

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