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Felt & Wire’s Supply Shop!

Felt & Wire has opened a new category called Supply where they are offering a variety of washi tapes, all kinds of twines, materials for collage, and vintage stamps. Great for any DIYer or crafter. Here are some of my faves!

I love the numerous colors of twine!
Gah check out the adorable Paris themed rubber stamps from Ink+Wit.
Super cute washi tape designs!

DIY Paint Chip Streamers and Pennants

I love collecting paint chips!!! I always go a bit crazy when I go to a hardware store. I think of ways of recycling them and making something neat out of them!! So here are my attempts. A co-worker had a birthday so I wanted to make streamers to hang over her desk.


– Fishing wire or ribbon
– Tape
– Paint chips : 2 of each color or if you want to fold them then you only need one {FREE!!!}

I proceeded to tape one paint chip to the fishing wire and backed the matching color to it.
That is it… easy, fun and SO pretty!

I also used different sizes and folded some of them.

Rachel and I love pennants so I decided to make one!

Next time you are party planning… make sure you stop by your nearest
hardware store for some paint chips!!!

The Six Minute DIY Pennant

I’m sure I’ve mentioned numerous times how I’m not any type of sewer but I still appreciate it. I even took a sewing class and that’s why I have the super strength fabric scissors which I love. I wanted to create something easy but fun to decorate my friend’s desk for her birthday at the last minute and resourcefully produced some Japanese tape and felt I had purchased for a previous project. Conveniently, the color of the tape and felt coordinated well.

I cut up the felt into little pennants of two alternating colors. Don’t worry about cutting them too evenly or perfect–it adds more character 🙂

Next, I lined them up in the middle of the tape so that I had room above to fold the tape over.

I then carefully and evenly pressed down the tape over each felt piece. Obviously, this is what held all the pennants in place without the mess of glue or sewing needles.

There you have it! Prepped and created all in about six minutes.

Greeting from Tokyo! :: part 1 ::

This is Lisa here currently blogging from Kyoto, Japan but I wanted to blog my fantastic experience in Japan so far! Our first few days were in Shinjuku, Harajuku and little bit of Shibuya. I love this city! It is amazing. The hustle and bustle of this city has drawn me in. I have walked miles and miles more and I can count. But along these miles I have come across so many cool things and met some of the nicest people. Here are a few shots that we have taken on our trip so far!

You will never go thirsty in this place. Vending machines just like this are in every corner!

The first night in Shinjuku.

From the east exit of the Shinjuku Station lies on the top floor of Mylord Mall is this cute little store that sell things that are tiny from spoons, to little clothespins and pencils. A very cute store.

Of course, the best thing is finding milk tea in a carton and bottle sold hot or cold!

In Harajuku, at the end of the Lane, lies a HUGE toy store called KiddyLand.

Levels of toys from Hello Kitty to Kid Robot can be found here.

Hidden in the small streets of Harajuku lies this little cute store named la droguerie.
I was fascinated with everything in that store and overwhelmed with the buttons, felt and yarn they had.

There is more to post and blog about but I leave you with this photo of my brother-in-law in the sea of people in Harajuku Lane. Sayonara!!!
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