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Business Cards

Needed to appear official so I made some temporary business cards 🙂 Enjoys.

Letterpress Business Cards

I love letterpressed business cards. While they tend to cost a bit more, they definitely make an impression! 🙂 I really enjoyed the techniques behind a few of these.

While these cards from Tangible Worldwide are letterpressed, the back of these eco-friendly cards have the card holder’s information rubber-stamped on.

Letterpressed llamas. An alliteration you have to love! We also approve of the bright red edge printing on these cards from Shynanigans.

Overprint awesomeness spotted on Pinterest.

Simple and lovely found on Designspiration.

Share with us your favorites!

Edge printing

Looking at printing some business cards and digging on the edge printing. It’s so slick.

Printed for Christian Garbaldi Photography. Designed by Denise Vannucci of Yellow Advertising & Design fand printed by Alex Daley of Dolce Press

These were printed for Table4 Photography by Studio Z Mendocino. There were 3 runs to print this card. One for the blind embossed “Table4 Weddings”, one for foiled names, and one for the foiled info. That blue edge printing with the black card is pretty slick!

Masters of Disguise

Isn’t this identity fun? It’s for a costume shop called Master’s of Disguise designed by Cortney Cassidy. The concept behind it was that the business card could be used in case of a “disguise emergency”.

images via behance

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