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Cloud Macarons

I am posting up these awesome cloud macarons Lisa made. She’s too busy baking up a frenzy to post them so I thought I’d do it for her. She will probably share her process later:) Yea that is a blue filling in there! So cute! Great job Lisa!

Unique Bread Measuring Spoons

Ooh, love the design of these bread spoons from Niels Datema. Too bad I don’t bake very often.

unique bread sppons
unique kitchen ware

New Swedish Ikea Cookbook

Ikea just released a cookbook in Sweden called Hembakat är Bäst. This is a perfect way to play with your food. The photos are amazing! I really home this cookbook comes to the States.

Fina Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) – ingredients
Schwarzwaldtårta (black forest cake) – ingredients

Mandelmusslor (almond shells) – ingredients
source : craftzine

My French Macaron Baking Experience!

I love macarons. I love the look, the taste…. everything about them! It only made sense to learn to make my own. I took a class at Sur La Table and it was a bit hectic with a class of 16, I still came away with so much knowledge and excitement to create my own! Here are some pictures from my class.

I was a part of the team that made the Green Tea Ones!

Look how BEAUTIFULLY they looked when they were done!

Some other ones that were baked were strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and coconut.

After class… I went home and I really wanted to see if I can make them by myself… and I DID IT! I made my own hazelnut Nutella macaron! I can’t wait to make other ones now that I got it basically down.

Here are some tips…
– Get a recipe that you want to try.
– Aging the eggs is not necessary but having them in room temperature is.
– DO NOT over beat your egg whites!
– Fold in your dry ingredients to your wet ingredients.
– You can not make these if you do not have a mixer or a food processor.
– Buy a scale to measure your portions.
– Patience… you can not rush this.
– Sifting your flour will take a LONG time but it will make your macarons pretty.
– Temperature is important. Lower heat is better.
I will create some of my own recipes soon and hopefully be able to share with you guys my trials and errors. Happy Monday!
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