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Unique and Stylish Diaper Bags

When I was pregnant and shopping around for a diaper bag, I simply could not find one I liked until I stumbled on a Petunia Pickle Bottom one that I love. After seeing the adorable diaper bags over at Ikabags that are handmade in Paris, I am considering shopping again. The striped ones are just my absolute favorite. They also have regular messenger bags as well.

unique diaper bags
striped diaper bag
tweed diaper bag
unique striped diaper bag

Classic Books for Babies

Pride & Prejudice is one of my favorite books and I j ust discovered these wonderful books for babies by BabyLit on Babyology written by author Jennifer Adams and illustrated by Alison Oliver. They are so adorable and the illustrations are delightful. Helps baby learn while retelling classic stories in literature.

This one is on sale at Book Depository for $7.65!

Also available is Romeo & Juliet!

Other classics include Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre.

Time to expand our library!

images (via Modern Kiddo)

A Gender Revealing Party For Twins

Some friends of ours came up with a very fun way to share with their closest friends and family, the revealing of the gender of their twins. This is the most creative way I have seen to share such a special moment with everyone.

Here is a short intro to the video from the proud dad-to-be:
“Beforehand, NO ONE but the baker and the doctor knew. Doctor wrote the results of the sonogram on a note, which was placed in a sealed letter and delivered to the baker. Completely secret… until now.”

Gender Reveal Party РMewie Twins from Mike Louie on Vimeo.

Congratulations, Mike and Mindy! We are excited for your kiddos to arrive!

Infographic Poster for Baby’s First Year

I am glad I stumbled upon this while on coochicoos! This awesome Paloma Infographic poster is a great visual to show your baby’s first year. Being a first time mommy, I have fallen in love with this adorable poster and it may find it’s way in my home next year. This customizable 17×22 poster can be found at Kalon Studios.

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