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Vintage Book Baby Shower Invitation

Our friend Deny first got married, then one happens? Then comes baby in the baby carriage of course. Lisa is hosting their baby shower for the arrival of their new baby girl and I was enlisted to create a unique baby shower invitation. The theme is kind of like a vintage book theme–a new story unfolding. We love the Penguin Classics Books covers so we created a series for the shower. Inside was a little library card with the additional information for the baby shower. Looking forward to the baby shower! Each guest received a different cover. I am the only one that has the full collection. =)

I also apologize in advance for my terrible photography. Stationery is very difficult to shoot for a layphotographer such as myself. =)

Airplane themed baby shower for Lisa!

I am finally getting a chance to post up some images from Lisa’s (my jolie partner in crime) airplane themed baby shower. Yes, her baby has already arrived if you were curious! The story behind the airplane theme is that her father was a pilot and so the plane has significant meaning to her. Also, it’s a great theme for a boy’s baby shower. The idea is that they are taking flight into parenthood.

Now, I had just had my baby but I had all these crazy ideas I wanted to do to make it special for her but I had to limit myself but I did have help from some wonderful and creative people. Also, she wanted it to be a family-style picnic at a park so our job was to turn the picnic area and all its concrete picnic tables into something nice. On top of that, Lisa is very popular so she had 60 people at this baby shower! Regardless, it was great fun.

The baby shower invitation mimicked the old par avion envelopes treated with some type. I also had some par avion labels and guestbook cards made as well.

We set up a sweets table in the middle of the picnic area and tried to cover up of the ugly gazebo looking thing as we could. We had old vintage suitcases and wooden biplanes from Michaels! Lisa loves popcorn so one of her friend’s made three different custom flavored popcorn of butter, cheddar and snickerdoodle. The suitcases were also stuffed with other delicious goodies such as homemade honey roasted peanuts and toffee chocolate chip cookies.

We had also bought these wooden airplane kits for $1 from Michael’s as favors for people to build there or take from home. They were sooo cheap and you get paint and glue with the kit! We built a few to use as decoration on our runway tables. We had some Chinese food since Lisa was not eating nitrates or carcinogen-induced burgers at the time. I picked up these cute little bento looking trays for food and made custom chopstick wrappers for each one–slightly reminiscent of airplane tray food. Also no caffeine so we had delicious Shirley Temples to quench our thirst.

It was such a fun day and we are so happy that Baby Ezra is here to play. Thankful for good friends and new ones!

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