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lisa & rachel Rachel and Lisa met back in 2006 and quickly became good friends. They found out they shared the same love for art and design. They started out Jolie Jolie as a place to log their inspiration and fun finds. It has grown into something more than they could’ve imagined. As partners, they help balance each other out.

Rachel is a tech-loving geek that has been working as a graphic and web designer for almost ten years. In addition to pushing pixels, Rachel also enjoys print design in the form of letterpress and stationery. She secretly loves to smell paper and finds it rather intoxicating.

Lisa also works in the stationery industry in merchandising but is well gifted in the art of crocheting and crafting. She also bakes some mean French macarons.

They have enjoyed planning many events together including their own weddings. Now, they are both new mothers battling out the joys and surprises that motherhood brings about. They feel blessed by God for all that He has provided for them.